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By Fogridge Shorthorns - Posted on 14 March 2011

The Beef Shorthorn is the traditional County Durham breed and they graze a rich sward of old land pasture, free of chemical fertilisers. They as a result produce marbled beef with a superb flavour, matured traditionally for a minimum of three weeks, so you can taste beef as it should be.
If you are new to Goat meat it has more taste than lamb, akin to a once sheared sheep or Shearling. By nature Goat is tender and is the healthiest red meat that you can eat, being lower in saturated fat than chicken and high in nutrients. Basically like lean tasty lamb which can be used as Lamb in any recipe.
The Red Nose Day 25th Anniversary Banquet "winning Main Course" was a Goat Tagine, which was supplied by the Cockerham Herd, which is where some of our Goats are from, so if you fancy a go get in touch!

Business Type: 
Meat Boxes
Food sold: 
Beef, Goat meat
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Low Rough Lea Farm, Hunwick Crook, DL15 0RH
07920 840 915
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