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By Amy - Posted on 17 March 2011

We raise Tamworth weaners for sale and we sell traditionally raised pork. We raise two litters per year from our sow Tulip. The weaners raised for pork live outdoors in woodland and are fed on pig nuts, veg from our garden and apples from our trees. They live how nature intended roaming free and playing happily. Our sow gives birth naturally creating a natural straw nest for her piglets.

We raise the pork and weaners for use and consumption within the local area. We are registered with the British Pig Association with an aim to protect the Tamworth Breed. The breed has lost approximately 500 breeding sows in the last 12-24 months. We are trying to protect the breed and raise awareness of how pork should taste and be raised.

We use our sow and weaners to rotavate and fertilise our garden and fields. All our pigs are part of the family no matter what their end use will be. We prefer to sell full or half pigs, which are butchered to individual requirements, using a butcher from a local farm shop.

Business Type: 
Direct Sales
Business Type: 
Food sold: 
Rare Breed Pedigree Pork sold by full or half pig, and Weaners
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Hett Mill Cottage, Hett, Durham, DH6 5LN
01740 656 212
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Local Produce: 
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Local Produce: 
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