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Lanchester Dairies

By Valentina - Posted on 25 May 2011

Lanchester Dairies is the largest independent dairy in the North East of England, totally in local ownership. We are the local hub for 21 local Asda stores and also supply milk, cream and ice cream to local Tesco stores. We also own "Bill 'n' Geoff's" ice cream produced on our site.
We employ approx 75 local people and wherever possible we have built the company purchasing locally, including for our vehicles maintenance and spares. Our advertising budget is spent supporting local facilities and clubs in the area.

Business Type: 
Food sold: 
Milk, Cream, Fruit Juice
Postal Address: 
Upper Houses Farm, Lanchester, Co Durham, DH7 0RL
01207 521 826
01207 521 085
Local Produce: 
Local Produce: 
Local Produce: 
Ice Cream
Local Produce: 
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