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What is 'local food'?

By Amy - Posted on 28 October 2011

We don't see local food as a fashion trend, as something to export or as just a tourism aid but something that is here to sustain us, link us to the land and the people that make local food work.

We want to see Durham produce on Durham plates and just in case we haven't made it clear so far then our directory is all about LOCAL FOOD businesses and not LOCAL food businesses.

These priorities are reflected in the criteria for the local food directory:

• Local sourcing: A substantial amount of the food that the business sells is grown or reared in County Durham

• Local distribution: The majority of the business’ products or services are consumed / experienced within the region.

• Local ownership: The business' owner lives in the region.

• Location: The business is located in County Durham. Exceptions: Businesses from outside the county will be included in the directory if the products/services are very rare or not being produced within County Durham (e.g. goat’s cheese)

• Strong commitment to local sourcing: The business prioritises the sourcing/use/sale of locally produced food wherever reasonably possible

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