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Durham Local Food Network

By Wilf - Posted on 18 January 2011

The Durham Local Food Network began in early 2006 as an outcome of the 2005 Durham Local Food Celebration. The network was relaunched as a google group in 2009.

The network has nearly 500 members. The google group system allows members to post to all other members with appropriate local food related news.

This might include details of an event, publicity of a course or training, and news from local food businesses.

The purpose of the Durham Local Food Network is to put local food enthusiasts in touch with each other. Its all about encouraging organic food, small scale food, low food miles, food that does not contribute significantly to climate change, food that does not require vast amounts of fossil fuel input, food that is local, food that is honest and food that has a connection to the land of County Durham.

Some of the google group news items will also appear on this website especially when the news needs extra room and needs extra publicity, but of course unlike the website, google group news items will go straight to your inbox and you can have the opportunity to send news to the whole group yourself by becoming a member.

By the way its totally free to join the Durham Local Food Network.

If you'd like to join the Durham Local Food Network, please click here and send us your details.

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