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By Valentina - Posted on 15 February 2013

We are a small cheesemaker based on our farm in Teesdale , Co. Durham. The cows milk we use is supplied by a farm situated only a mile away, we pasteurise it and use it to produce our range of hand-made cheeses. These include: 'Teesdale Blue', 'White Hilton' and flavoured Curd cheeses.
Since we started, in Jan 2012, we have been greatly encouraged by the reception our products have had, in farmers markets as well as in a number of local outlets and restaurants. This particularly applies to our 'Teesdale Blue' of which we are very proud.
A great deal of effort goes into producing goods of the highest quality and we find it very rewarding when people appreciate this.

Business Type: 
Cheese Maker
Food sold: 
Cheese, soft cheese, curd cheese
Postal Address: 
West Leaside Farm, Hilton, Dl2 3JB
07707 636 486
Local Produce: 
Cheese - Hard
Local Produce: 
Cheese - Soft
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